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USABA Over The Goal Line 2022

Join us on May 17, 2022

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Welcome to the 2022 Over the Goal Line fundraising site for the USABA Goalball and Blind Soccer community, where athletes with visual impairments and their network of supporters are led by the USABA Sport Ambassadors to team up and bring us "over the goal line" to create more opportunities for athletes of all levels to experience the life-changing benefits of sports, from recreational athletes all the way up to elite-level Paralympians.


Your donations to Over the Goal Line provide opportunities to athletes with visual impairments across the country.


This year, USABA is working together with the Turnstone Center for Adults & Children with Disabilities in Fort Wayne, Indiana. to upgrade the gym floor so the goalball athletes can continue to achieve sustained competitive excellence and create pathways for the next generation. Years of intense training, competition and sport development have taken their toll on the floor of the goalball gym at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site located at Turnstone.


Although blind soccer has been part of the Paralympic Games since 2004, the U.S. has never fielded a team at an international competition. That will all change in the coming years as USABA develops a U.S. National Team to compete in international competitions leading up to the 2028 Paralympic Games in Los Angeles. This year, the USABA community led by the Sport Ambassadors will raise support for the very first USA Blind Soccer team to compete internationally. The inaugural U.S. National Team will be announced in October and compete at the 2022 IBSA Blind Football Central American Championships in Guatemala this December. 

Your generous donations to the Over the Goal Line campaign can create a direct impact in the following ways:

  • $25         Covers the cost of a pair of eyeshades, required equipment for both sports
  • $50         Delivers a USABA membership to provide athletes with more training & competition opportunities
  • $100       Covers a goalball or blind soccer ball
  • $250       Provides a scholarship to introduce youth who are blind or visually impaired to sports through camps and clinics
  • $500       Creates a travel grant for athletes to participate in goalball or blind soccer talent ID camps in preparation for the Paris or Los Angeles Paralympic Games
  • $1,000    Covers the cost of a 3-square foot area on the new goalball gym floor or covers the travel cost for one USA Blind Soccer athlete to compete in the first international competition in Guatemala



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